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Touch Curtain Switch

For Electromotion Curtain Control - Sensitive Plus

Curtain Switch-touch switch

Curtain Switch-touch switch

The touch curtain switch is used for control electromotion Curtain up-down or left-right motion. You can stop the curtain by touch "STOP" button. It can be matched with remote only by you want it!

IBEST curtain switch controlling the curtains OPEN, STOP, CLOSE.
Support upgrade to remote control and touch control two functions.
IBEST touch switches are applicable to all the common lamps, such as incandescent, fluorescent lamps, led lamps and so on.
IBEST switches support Remote and Touch both way control
IBEST switches are suitable for hotel, home, office, school, hospital and so on.
The panel is made of high quality crystal tempered glass which is strong, sensitive and beautiful.
The switch is equipped LED indicator, so you can find the position in the dark.
The heart of the switch is Brand new American IC, which is high quality performance and long using life.
If the IBEST switch is overload or overheat, it can protect itself and same time protect person.
IBEST switches can correct disorder by itself, DO NOT need any restart. Give it one min, it can find the problem and correct it.
IBEST switches touch feeling is super and very silent.
IBEST switches can be easily installed in new place or replace the old switch directly.




UK Standard

Panel Material:

Crystal Glass

Inside Material:

Buyer, PC-T2405


White, Black, others


Max 6A


AC 110-250V, 50-60Hz

Rated Power



12-months @100,000 times





LED Indicator



Corrugated Carton Box/bubble film wrapped


Battery use AAA or 27A 12VDC

Available: 3/ 4/ 6 /12/15 keys

Frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz 

Remote control Distance: 20m

The signal can pass through walls and other obstacles 


touch switch uk/eu standard backside dimensions

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